Posted by: mutantpoodle | July 19, 2007

Where do they find these people?

homersimpson36-777805Digby points to this piece of excrement from Marc Ambinder, wherein he explains why John Edwards’ $400 haircut is a story but Mitt Romney’s $300 for makeup isn’t. (For those of you playing at home, the “A” answer is that neither is.)

A few of the precious gems:

Why doesn’t John Edwards’s hair equal Mitt Romney’s face paint? The primary difference is definitional: The centerpiece of Edwards’s campaign is his anti-poverty efforts; he presents himself as a dedicated messenger for the cause, and he likes expensive haircuts, bought a gimungous house, etc. etc. His credibility as a messenger comes into question when he spends money ostentatiously. (The haircut was inadvertently billed to the campaign, a spokesman later said).

There is a difference in the political reality: fairly or unfairly, a healthy chunk of the national political press corps doesn’t like John Edwards.

Fairly or unfairly, there’s also a difference in narrative timing: when the first quarter ended, the press was trying to bury Edwards. It’s not so much interested in burying Romney right now — many reporters think he’s the Republican frontrunner.

Well, at least we know now what the role of the modern press is: make sure we don’t elect people they don’t like. But really, the stupidity is so thick that diamond drills would take days to get through it. I’ll just say what everyone else says to the “John Edwards is a rich hypocrite” argument: since when do you need to be poor to think that the poor deserve better? And why is the sincerity of someone’s desire to make other folks’ lives better diminished because they haven’t chosen to make their lifestyle worse?

And who is Marc Ambinder? One of the cool kids – check out this nauseating “about” link:

Marc spent a year and a half at the Hotline, an Atlantic sister publication that’s known as the daily bible for anyone IN politics. (If you’re not religious, subtitute “racing form” for bible.) He was the editor of “Hotline On Call,” a pathbreaking political news blog. He spent four years in the ABC News Political Unit and was one of the founders of ABC’s “The Note,” which, for a time, achieved co-biblical status with the Hotline. Marc is an associate editor at the Atlantic and a contributing editor to both the Hotline and Naitonal Journal. He’s a 2001 graduate of Harvard, and he pays his taxes in Washington, D.C.

I think they forgot that he was the kegmaster in his frat.

I mean, holy shit – Iraq is already hell in a handbasket, the guy in charge of the executive branch is shredding the constitution, assisted by an Attorney General who seems never to have read it, there are just a few indications that global warming might be a little bit of a problem, and this guy is completely comfortable with a press corps that, rather than seeking the truth, looks to carry out their personal grudges on the national political stage.

Pathetic. We went through this in 2000, and look where it got us. As Digby says,

This is exactly this kind of thing that makes people like me laugh when I get lectured by professional journalists about “objectivity” and “ethics.” At least I put my political biases up front. These phonies hide behind a veil of journalistic conventions so they can exercise their psychologically stunted desire to stick it to the BMOC, or the dork or whoever these catty little gossips want to skewer for their own pleasure that day. Please, please, no more hand-wringing sanctimony from reporters about the undisciplined, unethical blogosphere. Their glass houses are lying in shards all around their feet.

Each time they’ve pulled this puerile nonsense in the last few years, it’s resulted in a mess that’s going to take even more years to unravel. And they learned nothing, apparently, since they are doing exactly the same thing in this election. If the press really wants to know why they are held in lower esteem than hitmen and health insurance claims adjusters, this is it.

Look – if you’re tracking below a health insurance claims adjuster, you might want to look in the mirror.

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