Posted by: mutantpoodle | July 20, 2007

George Bush, boy king

bush-king_smWell, that’ll make life a lot easier.

Goerge Bush is now claiming that contempt of Congress cannot be pursued by a United States Attorney when the contempt is related to White House claims of executive privilege.

Why, it’s probably better if those pesky lawmakers just disappear. As TRex said last night, “the president has apparently decided to go all Kim Jong Il and rule by Imperial Decree.”

I go back and forth on the issue of impeachment – on the pro side, as Digby says, has there ever been a President who deserved it more? – but the practical issues come into play, and one of them is that if you got two republicans to vote yea it would be a miracle. Not, mind you, based on the facts of the case, but based on the party affiliation of George W. Bush. Mind you, if Hillary Clinton were to do half of the illegal (yes, illegal) things that George Bush has done, you’d be hard-pressed to find two Republicans to vote against it.

If only impeachment could be like orchestra auditions – where you don’t know who you’re judging until the vote is over, and then you find out that the facts of the case that were so egregious were about your guy.

The Republicans ruined impeachment for a generation by impeaching Clinton – all they have to do to discredit the act is point to their own bad behavior in 1998-1999. Keep in mind that only five Republican Senators voted nay to the Obstruction of Justice charge in that kangaroo court – Lincoln Chafee (now gone), Jim Jeffords (who later left the GOP), Susan Collins and Olympia Snowe from Maine, and Arlen Specter. and does anyone (sit down, Sean Hannity – let someone else speak) really think Bush has obstructed justice (see: Scooter Libby commutation) less than Clinton?

But I digress. We wake up in a world today where if the President says the magic words, no one may question him. Get used to it – we have that world for exactly eighteen more months.

[George Bush as King image by Mark Allen Stamaty, via Slate.]


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