Posted by: mutantpoodle | July 22, 2007

Hey Tommy – You’re not the Thompson Mitt’s Worried About

Thompson 2008According to CNN, Tommy Thompson claims Mitt Romney stole his campaign idea.

At a stop on his bus trip through Iowa Saturday, GOP presidential candidate Tommy Thompson fired away at Republican opponent Mitt Romney, who also recently began his own bus tour of the Hawkeye State, saying that Romney is mimicking his plans.

“I’m the one that started the bus tour, and Romney is copying me,” Thompson said forcefully. “And what’s the best sense of flattery? It’s when they copy you… He’s following me around the state because I think he’s seeing the polls and seeing we’re starting to grow, and that’s going to be threatening to him.”

Well, let’s look at those two claims one at a time.

First, Tommy, even if Mitt’s copied your bus idea, so what? If you’re touring Iowa, there aren’t a lot of choices. And as much as it’s in character for Mitt “We should have two Guantanamos” Romney to lack an original thought, maybe you should look up who pioneered the modern political bus tour – and here’s a hint: his wife is running for the other party’s nomination. Now if Mitt starts copying your position papers, then you can complain. I mean, I took a bus to the Hollywood Bowl once – and you don’t see me saying nasty things about you, do you?

Second, and I’ll say this slowly for your benefit, Mitt Romney isn’t scared of you. You’re like the obscure author that someone well-known feels safe in plagiarizing, because no one has read your work.

Before Buffy faced off against Adam in Season 4 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, she was explaining to Xander why Adam wanted her in the middle of his planned Demon vs. Human free-for-all.

Buffy: He wants me there. Probably figures I’ll even the kill ratio.

Xander: He’s not worried you might kill, oh say, HIM?

Buffy: No. He’s really not.

Mitt Romney may not be a sewn-together hybrid of human and demon parts (it’s waaaay too soon to tell) , but I if you think he’s worried about you, Tommy Thompson, here’s a clue: he’s really not.

He’s worried about Fred.


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