Posted by: mutantpoodle | August 10, 2007

Hillary: Favorite Democrat of the vast right-wing conspiracy?

hillary-clintonBruce Bartlett opines in today’s LA Times that the right’s starting to get all cuddly with Hillary Clinton.

Well, what he actually said is that she’s on the cusp of moving from being not “merely acceptable to many right-wingers but possibly even their candidate of choice.”

Bartlett quotes Kathryn Lopez, the editor of National Review Online, referring to several of her debate answers Tuesday as “reasonable.”

Lopez wasn’t being facetious. She seemed, in fact, disturbed by her unexpected positive feelings toward Clinton. “That’s really hard to admit,” she wrote. “I still have both ‘Clinton Hater’ and ‘Vast-Right-Wing Conspiracy’ cards in my wallet.”

Lopez needn’t worry. Her boss, National Review Editor Rich Lowry, also has had strangely respectful thoughts lately about Clinton. In a July 27 column, he expressed genuine admiration for her political skill, especially in managing to placate the left wing of the Democratic Party on Iraq without repudiating her vote for the war nor making herself patently unacceptable as a potential commander in chief. It was “brilliant politics,” Lowry conceded.

Clinton’s unwillingness to pander to her own party’s base on Iraq has won her grudging respect from another unlikely source as well: William Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standard. On Aug. 7, he was quoted in the Washington Post saying that compared with Sen. Barack Obama, who is trying to energize the left to raise his falling poll numbers, she is looking quite presidential.

To which I say, so what? As even Bartlett points out, “few, if any, conservatives will vote for her should she get the Democratic nomination.” He claims, however, that there’s the makings of a “rapprochement” between Hillary and the vast right-wing conspiracy.

And I think he’s delusional. This “rapprochement” will take the form of whatever low-blow, swiftboat-type attacks the right can conjure. By the time the election is over, the right will have Hillary canoodling with Osama Bin Laden while Bill is out having contract hits taken out on all of the Clinton enemies from decades past.

It may be nice to think that conservatives won’t be moving to Turkmenistan, or wherever wingers threaten to go when Democrats win the White House, but I am under no illusions that they won’t scorch the earth to try to prevent it.


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