Posted by: mutantpoodle | September 14, 2007

Fun with Headlines

Check this newsblip, on from MSNBC’s First read:

Vice President Dick Cheney will reinforce the White House message in a planned appearance tomorrow in Michigan at the Gerald R. Ford Museum. Advisors add that Cheney will respond to Democrats’ reactions, if the White House determines that is necessary.

Pretty standard stuff, although why anyone thinks that Deadeye Dick is your best ambassador to those wavering independents is another story altogether. Perhaps using Cheney’s considerable lack of charm is an admission that Bush is only trying to get wayward Republicans back in line.

Or that they’ve just given up and are running out the clock.

But I digress.

Someone who writes headlines for MSNBC has a wicked sense of humor, or a complete lack of irony. To wit:


Good to know Dr. Strangelove lives…


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