Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 19, 2007

Selling Progressivism

The Center for American Progress has created four ads promoting progressivism – the one above, yet another ripoff of the Justin Long-John Hodgman Mac ads, is just one of the four available at the link above.

I may quibble with some of the ads (I think the other Mac ad ripoff is not nearly as good) but it’s about f*$#king time people stopped apologizing for being progressives, and reminded people how often conservatives, over time, have been wrong.

I wish someone had given mouth-to-mouth to the Liberal label 25 years ago, when it might have done some good, but I fear that ship has sailed: Liberal has become an epithet. Those of us on the left will have to be progressives from now on, because, of course, Liberals spit on our brave soldiers and tell your daughters about sex.

And eat way too much brie.


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