Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 15, 2008

As opposed to…

romney_dog_huntHmmm..I didn’t know they were polling this feature.

From MSNBC’s coverage of Mitt’s Michigan Primary win:

Romney’s ties to Michigan proved beneficial.

Four in 10 voters said his roots factored into their votes, and more than half of that group backed Romney, according to preliminary results from surveys of voters as they left their polling places, taken for NBC News, the other TV networks and The Associated Press. He also led among voters who said the economy and illegal immigration were their most important issues, and won a majority of Republicans, conservatives, and voters looking for a candidate with experience.

McCain had an edge with those who wanted an authentic president, and he won among moderates, independents and Democrats. But fewer non-Republican voters participated in the GOP primary this year than in 2000 when those voters helped him beat George W. Bush. Independents and Democrats accounted for roughly one-third of the vote, compared with about one half eight years ago. [Italics mine.]

I’m all in favor of an authentic President, but who, exactly – even in today’s GOP – prefers the phony/fake variety?

Or maybe, after eight years of W, that’s the only kind they know.

[Cartoon by Pat Bagley – Salt Lake City Tribune]

UPDATE: Here’s a screenshot of the actual poll question. They didn’t ask the authenticity question, exactly:

Mich-GOP Exits

So here’s the begged question: how in the world did Mitt Romney come in SECOND in what MSNBC is calling, perhaps snarkily, “authenticity”?


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