Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 30, 2008

The perils of voting early

Polling Place, Encino Hills, California

Polling Place, Encino Hills, California

On Sunday, after wavering on a few ballot initiatives and then settling down, I filled out my absentee ballot and put it in the mail.

I usually vote absentee out of convenience, and not necessity – it’s just that my polling place is a bit inconvenient, and I’d rather not be stressed about the process.

After a fair amount of thought, I voted for John Edwards.

Silly me.

For the record, here is the rough path to my decision.

I think Edwards, Clinton, & Obama all have attributes to commend. [And, also for the record, I can’t get caught up in the Hillary angst that I have heard from friends and seen in the blogosphere. Hillary is divisive because she pisses of Republicans and they call her divisive, and I choose not to follow the electoral narratives of today’s G.O.P.] If I could, I’d morph all three of them into one uber-candidate, with Hillary Clinton’s toughness and intellect, John Edwards’ scathing critique of corporate influence and power in 21st Century American politics, and Barack Obama’s soaring inspiration.

But I had to choose one. I eliminated Obama first, because I didn’t hear from him an understanding that it would take more than his inspirational eloquence to make Republicans heel. Between Clinton and Edwards, it came down to this: who was making the more cogent critique of why Washington is broken? And the answer was easy: Edwards.

But now we’re down to two Democrats (Mike Gravel really doesn’t count) and I won’t get to vote for either of them until the fall, at which point I will enthusiastically pull the lever (or, more accurately, ink the dot) for whichever of them escapes from Denver with the Democratic Presidential nomination.

If it’s Hillary, the chance to vote for someone who would cause members of Redstate to spontaneously combust is almost reason enough to pull the trigger – but I think, in fact, she’d be an exceptional President, and given how deep in the dumpster W has left us, we’re going to need one.

If it’s Obama, the chance to make such an historic choice, to look forward to an inspirational Presidency and a leader who may be green but is smart and learns fast – that will make it easy to fill in the circle for him.

It looks like their Republican opponent will be John McCain, and while he may be the least malodorous of the Republican candidates, I’d expect that the infamous Bush hug – and his undying fealty to that sorry excuse of a man – will be his undoing.

And if that doesn’t do it, I have two other notions to contemplate:

“Iraq forever.”


“Phil Gramm is my economic advisor.”

UPDATE: Alicia is bummed

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