Posted by: mutantpoodle | March 2, 2008


ebiaBoth Alicia at Last Left Turn Before Hooterville and Deborah, aka Litbrit, have kindly tagged me with an “E” for Excellence in blogging – which kind of blows me away, especially considering my recent sloth. I’ve been in contractor hell, and my sister is visiting, but I need to get back into my pajamas and start typing, because when two people who put out such thoughtful, smart, and incisive work on a regular basis say nice things about you, well, you want to bring your “A” game.

No pressure.

My turn now, and I’m going to point you all in a different direction. The lovely and talented Heidi has been blogging about her Hollywood life for just over two years, and just penned post #100. (She works in film, so there are gaps when she goes on location.) It’s less political and more personal, but often touching, frequently funny, and always worth a read. Go take a peek.

In other news, the iPhone is way cool. Birthdays have upsides after all.

And Deborah and Alicia – seriously, thank you so much. I am touched.

P.S. I would be remiss if I didn’t flog Alicia’s upcoming book, The Price of Right. Coming, we hope, very soon.


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