Posted by: mutantpoodle | April 21, 2008

Pennsylvania: You can end this

voting1If you live in Pennsylvania, it is in your power to put an end to the Democratic Primary season and open up the general election campaign of 2008.

Just give Barack Obama more votes.

For the record: While I have been annoyed, at times, at things Hillary Clinton has done and said over the past two months as the Democratic nomination slipped further and further from her grasp, I actually think she would be a damned good President. If she had emerged from the primaries victorious, I would have, without reservation, gone to my local polling place bright and early on November 4th to cast my ballot for her, in the fervent hope that she would become the 44th President of the United States.

But she won’t – not this year, and, sadly for her, probably not ever. Whether she wins in Pennsylvania tomorrow (as seems likely, albeit by a lesser margin than she might want) or loses, her only path to the nomination is scorched earth – and even then, I believe she would fail – except in helping John McCain extend the current reign of neocon folly.

I have a friend who is a Hillary fan, and rails against the misogyny she has faced through the campaign, and the press coverage which has, for the most part, been unbalanced in its criticisms of her (although the person they have been fawning over, for the most part, is John McCain). And while true, it is, sadly, irrelevant. The sooner the Clintons turn their political guns on John McCain and away from Barack Obama, the better chance Obama has of winning in November. And nothing, politically, is more important than John McCain’s defeat this fall.

A win by Obama tomorrow – or even a tie – could put this primary race out of its misery. And when it does – whenever it does – I will not jump up and down at the news of the end of the Clinton campaign, but rather will take a deep breath and exhale, steeling myself for the bloody, ugly, general election to come.

Sooner is better.


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