Posted by: mutantpoodle | May 16, 2008

Catching Up

I’ve been out of town a lot for the past two weeks, and managed to snag enough time to catch the big events but not enough to say anything about them. So, in no particular order (and infringing Stephen Colbert), a few tips of the cap to:

  • The California Supreme Court. In Richard Klugar’s Simple Justice, an encyclopedic look at the history of Brown v. Board of Education, he quotes Ernest Rubenstein, Justice Tom Evans’ clerk, right after the Brown decision was announced: “I felt good – and clean,” said Rubenstein. “It was so right.” Amen to that, and to Digby, who points out that the initiative to overturn this decision will run into the buzzsaw of youthful energy behind Barack Obama in a deeply blue state. Who knows – it may pass, but there’s no better time to beat it than now. Eight years ago, an identical statutory initiative passed with 63% of the vote. Just for the record, that means 6.6% of the population has to change their mind on this issue – or less, if you assume that new voters will break overwhelmingly against memorializing idiotic prejudice.
  • Hillary Clinton. It’s about time everybody in the Democratic Party was running against John McCain.
  • John Edwards [see above]. Endorsement speeches don’t get much better, or cut right to the truth of the issues facing this country. Plus, he leveraged his exit from the race to make sure his signature issue didn’t go away when he did. I voted for him (see The Perils of Voting Early), and while I was miffed that my vote “didn’t count”, upon reflection, I have no regrets.
  • Keith Olbermann. The man’s got a righteous rage going on, although I must say that the best response to the notion that George Bush gave up golf because his knee was hurting out of respect for the troops was Ana Marie Cox: A blog post titled And I Gave Up Coke During Apartheid!
  • Chris Matthews. This is waaay entertaining, though you gotta wonder why the poor schmuck he eviscerated was on TV in the first place. It gets fun about 4 minutes in.
  • Joe Biden. Sometimes you gotta call bullshit, and Biden – who, I am convinced, effectively killed Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential campaign with his devastating noun, verb, and 9/11 takedown – did it brilliantly in response to George Bush’s way below the belt attack on Barack Obama.

Which brings me to – and sorry, Stephen, a wag of the finger just won’t do – the following individuals, who distinguished themselves in their classless mendacity on the whole Obama-appeasement steaming load: George Bush. John McCain. Joe Lieberman.

Fuck You. Sometimes, that’s all there is.

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