Posted by: mutantpoodle | August 7, 2008

Because it confirms my biases…

obamaplane…I am linking to this TPM Cafe reader post, which applies the waitress test to John McCain and Barack Obama.

The Waitress Test, of course, is most famous in the dating world, the theory being that a man (or woman) will be guarded with someone s/he is trying to impress but reveal themselves with people they think they’ll never see again.

In this case, someone found a message board where airline employees dished about celebrities they’d served. So, while not exactly a waitress test, it says something. First up is Senator Obama:

I had Barrack Obama (Democratic Presidential hopeful) on a flight from IAH to DCA after Hurricane Katrina – Sept 05. He was traveling alone. I was working first class and there was one seat left open after everyone boarded. He was first on the upgrade list. I was excited b/c I had read about him in TIME magazine. Anyway HE TURNED THE UPGRADE DOWN !!!! The agent told me that he said to her “I don’t want to draw any attention to myself.”

In all my years of flying I have NEVER seen someone traveling alone turn down an upgrade to first class. Sometimes if they are traveling with someone and they would rather remain with them in coach. But, a politician who doesn’t want attention???!!!! This was almost 2 years ago so he wasn’t trying to put on a show. He was just a very humble man who remained in coach with the people he was elected to serve.

Now, I’m sure some will see this as a purely calculated move on Obama’s part (eight whole months after he became a Senator), but then there’s this:

Senator McCain (UGH!!! He wouldn’t respond to me until I addressed him as “Senator McCain” then he would smirk. He never asked for anything. He just wanted to be left alone.)

Remind me – who, again, is full of himself?

Now, it was clear to me from the start that George W. Bush was

“…a spoiled frat boy of a type I knew far too well when I was in college; he is a mean-spirited man who demands respect through his office that he has in no way earned by his actions. Garry Trudeau, when he was in Los Angeles about a year ago, explained his distaste for Bush this way: Too much noblesse, he said, and not enough oblige.”

It always seemed to me that Obama was a decent guy, if aloof, but as someone who is reserved, I get that characteristic.

McCain was an appealing character in 2000 (a real person, as my mother put it) but now just seems to be a jerk – and not just because he offered up his wife to the highly raunchy Miss Buffalo Chip contest this past Monday. It’s nice to see that flight attendants (who apparently refer to themselves as “high speed snack technicians”) will back me up on this. Of course, now neither of them will fly commercial – one for at least three months, the other for at least 4 1/2 years.

P.S. The whole thread – on a message board for Airline Crew Members – is a fun read. Short nuggets: Sandra Bullock, George Clooney, Betty White, and Tina Turner (among others) were all highly praised in multiple comments; Jesse Jackson, Ivana Trump, Jerry Lewis, and (I love this) Mitch Albon, he of the heartwarming and gag-reflex inducing literature, all nightmares.


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