Posted by: mutantpoodle | September 5, 2008

A word about the excited base

Since Sarah Palin, once she finishes her international issues immersion course with Joe Lieberman, will doubtless be sent to adoring crowds around the country, where there will be no shortage of enthusiasm and, if this week is any indication, snarky belittling, I thought I’d share this cautionary tale.

24 years ago, I was a volunteer for the Rhode Island Mondale campaign – the year, of course, of Geraldine Ferraro. Those of us who were true believers ignored the braying of the press about her qualifications and her husband’s real estate transactions, and felt she had held her own against Poppy Bush in their vice-Presidential debate. And, best of all, we got an in-state event with her: on the Sunday before election day*, Geraldine Ferraro came to Rhode Island Community College, and speaking to an overflow crowd of 3,500, predicted an upset victory.

Well, so much for that.

My point is this: when surrounded by thousands of people who agree with you, it’s easy to believe that there’s no one who disagrees. Those who get sucked into the Sarah Palin – megastar hype would do well to remember that – even as she headlines one raucus rally after another.

As would Obama supporters.


*For some background on what else was going on in my life at that time, go here.


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