Posted by: mutantpoodle | September 18, 2008

Elitism watch

Five months ago, I noted that

Among the things that has me slack-jawed with wonder these days is how Barack Obama becomes an elitist and George Bush ever was just a regular guy.

This, of course, was during the primaries, and we had all sorts of stupidity floating around, unlike the general election, which has, up until now, been…oh, never mind.

However, on a week when economic issues muscled their way back into the room, we still have two delicious moments in the elitism campaign against the son of a single mother, raised on food stamps, advanced on merit Barack Obama.

First, we have Karl Rove calling Barack Obama an “arrogant dilettante” (Ouch – you wound me, sir!) – all I could think of was this snippet from the film War Games. Dr. John McKittrick has successfully lobbied to remove the human fail-safes from the missile silos and put the United States’ nuclear defense in the hands of a computer which has been fooled into launching a real missile launch against an imaginary incoming attack, and General Jack Beringer is, um, unpleased:

General Beringer: Can’t we disarm the missiles?

Pat Healy: Over a thousand of them? There’s no time. At this rate it will hit the launch codes in…5.3 minutes.

General Beringer: [smiles sarcastically at McKittrick] Mr. McKittrick, after very careful consideration, sir, I’ve come to the conclusion that your new defense system sucks.

McKittrick: I don’t have to take that, you pig-eyed sack of shit.

General Beringer: Oh, I was hoping for something a little better than that from you, sir. A man of your education.

There’s not much Rove has anymore – his math and a gig at Fox News are it, I guess, and perhaps the hope for a blanket pardon from George Bush before January 20.

But my favorite elitism moment of the week came from Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild, a former Hillraiser and dual resident of New York and London, who, after much agonizing, announced this week she was voting for John McCain. Yes, Lady Lynn Forester de Rothschild believes Obama to be an elitist.

Best responses? First runner up to Matthew Yglasias: “Irony is truly dead…”

Winner? Mickey Kaus: “You lost me at ‘de’…”.

The AIG / Lehman / Merril Lynch debacles of the week pushed all this stuff into the background (why, John McCain was forced this week to make a false claim about Barack Obama on actual issues!), and there will be more things that bring issues forward between now and November 4th. Still, what fun would it be if this idiocy faded completely?

Meanwhile, see above for perfect mockery from the chief elitist himself.


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