Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 4, 2008

The Price of Right

price-of-rightI’ve been delinquent – it’s been over a week since I read, on a flight up to Portland, my ideological and geographical blogging neighbor Alicia’s book on the history and cost of this country’s tilt to the right. It’s called, appropriately, The Price of Right, and I’m telling you it’s well worth getting a copy.

Normally books like this raise my blood pressure and make me angry, and little else. But Alicia has, in succinct and highly readable fashion, chronicled the right’s rise in fascinating detail.

I imagine all of us rail – in varying degrees of coherence – against what seem to be the continual pull of our country in the wrong direction. Alicia has shown us what makes so many Americans susceptible to the right’s message, and how they have successfully packaged that message to have the most impact.

Most importantly, it’s a book that should be given to those who know that things aren’t right in this country, but don’t know why. The Price of Right will take them far closer to understanding why – the first step towards making things right.


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