Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 7, 2008

A Debate, and a brief hiatus

Was1968749A few debate thoughts:

  • Tom Brokaw, notwithstanding Barack Obama’s quip, did a horrible job as moderator. Ifill bad.
  • That one.” Really?
  • When John McCain says “…but the point is,” what he means is “I’m done with this completely off-point digression.”
  • John McCain probably shouldn’t suggest that we need a “calm hand at the tiller.” And certainly not twice.
  • Referencing Presidents who served prior to 1932 doesn’t make you look hip.
  • McCain couldn’t keep himself from attacking Obama on the surge, even when it got in the way of the flow of his answer.
  • I don’t think it was just me, but McCain’s lurking during Obama’s answers seemed a bit stalker or nosy neighbor-like. I just can’t decide which.
  • Neither Ayers nor Wright came up, unsurprisingly. Hard to do in the town hall setting. I’m guessing they won’t come up in the last debate, either. Only in commercials and out of the putrid mouth of Sarah Palin Bible Spice.
  • If McCain was looking to change the dynamic of this election, he failed. Obama did just what he had to do.

All that said, I’m off to the backwoods of Vancouver Island for a short spell, and won’t be posting while I’m there.

I’m pretty sure there’ll still be election foibles to discuss when I come back Monday.

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