Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 10, 2008

Friday Duck Blogging

crw_6186jpgA duck heads for the frigid water at Point No Point, Vancouver Island.

UPDATE: I am officially an idiot. My apologies to this goose, and all Canada Geese, for my boneheaded error.



  1. That’s not a duck! It’s a Canada goose!

  2. Duck, duck, GOOSE! Cool photo. Let’s see if we can get this Friday duck-blogging tradition rolling!

  3. Duckblogging (or gooseblogging) will be, I think, a one-time deal. I was inspired by my proximity to the scene of the crime, which, sadly, doesn’t happen that often.

    Furthermore, Canada geese may have my name on a watch list at the border going forward.

    True story: when I was working in TV in Rhode Island, there was a story about the migration of Canada geese southward, and our Ted Baxter-like anchorman corrected his copy to read Canadian geese.

    The producer was not amused.

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