Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 15, 2008

Obama had Sex with ACORN!

TPMTV highlighted this clip to point out that John McCain is deeply concerned about voter fraud that hasn’t occurred yet, based on a few fraudulent registrations that, in reality, don’t get approved (and are almost always flagged by ACORN as suspicious!).

I’m more interested in the allegation that Barack Obama has had “relations” with ACORN and Bill Ayers. Quite a bombshell, I tell you: not only the gay element of the allegation (no wonder Michelle and Bernadine aren’t speaking!), but I’m sure that somehow having relations with an entire organization involves miscegenation.


More seriously, Josh Marshall has a great overview of the issues surrounding ACORN – and why they are not, by any stretch a threat to the integrity of this election here. And he reminds us that all this voter fraud bamboozlement ties back to the fired U.S. Attorneys.

Oh, and for unrelated snarky Palin entertainment, go here. Make sure to open the drapes and make the red phone ring.

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