Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 22, 2008

Bill Bennett, Feminist Icon

I don’t know in which areas of knowledge I’d give Bill Bennett credit for expertise, but here are two I wouldn’t.

1. Gambling

2. Feminism

Bennett and McCain campiagn manager/lobbyist Rick Davis were discussing the wonderfulness of Sarah Palin on the radio, when Bennett (who is, as he reminds us, is a “certified conservative intellectual” – no, really, he said it about :45 seconds in to the clip below) explained to us rational men (women being, you know, waaaay to emotional to handle this potent truth) why liberal feminists don’t like Sarah Palin:

I don’t know which drives them more crazy. Let me give you three things that I think drives them crazy, and you don’t have to comment. That’s she’s very attractive. That she’s very competent or that she’s very happy. You know, as a human being.

I’m sure that’s it.

Anyway, Rachel Maddow – the best thing on television – takes it apart nicely above.

Full audio here:

[h/t Matthew Yglesias]

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