Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 29, 2008

Another issue to consider

Amanda Marcotte riffs on the video above, which is another exceptionally well done effort from the Obama propaganda video production shop.

If women’s rights matter to you, remember who used air quotes (or “dick fingers”, as Jon Stewart calls them) when talking about the health of the mother as regards abortion rights, and who voted against Joe Biden’s Violence Against Women Act. Yes – that would be John McCain.

And lets not even get started on Sarah Palin.

As Amanda points out:

The fact of the matter is that while Obama and Biden could always be a little bit better, they’ve gone to the mat for women more than they had to. Obama, as we see now, took a giant risk in standing with Planned Parenthood and NARAL against the Born Alive Infant Protection Act, a bill that was designed precisely to haunt any politician who stood against it because it was a stalking horse for abortion rights. He took a bigger hit voting against than he would have voting for it, but he stood firm for women’s rights, and for that I’m grateful. In the Senate, Obama has been a leader in using congressional powers to expand birth control access and education. Biden didn’t have to be the champion of the VAWA. I mean, it’s obvious looking back that you couldn’t have come up with a better piece of legislation that would move from being controversial to being a given, but who knows if he realized that at the time? Contrary to what you might think, neither man has been the down the line follow the pack male Democrat, but both have stepped out and provided leadership. I do believe and have seen with my own eyes that men can care about women’s issues deeply, and act on them. And I think that Obama and Biden are those kind of men…

If women’s issues matter to you, the choice is clear. And it’s not the guy on the right:

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