Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 3, 2008

Looking back

Jay Newton-Small wrote a piece in Time Sunday talking about how Obama has changed over the course of the campaign – specifically, how, in the early days, he would tone down the soaring rhetoric in order to burnish his serious credentials. (This week, there are no limits on the inspiration.) Hilzoy talks about it here, in the context of Obama’s pacing of the campaign, and the confidence he had in his long-term strategy.

Which reminded me of this vignette from the summer of 2007.

The SEIU asked every Democratic candidate to spend a day with one of their members in order to be considered for their endorsement, and then they documented that day. Obama’s day was spent with a home care worker named Pauline Beck, and he didn’t just watch – he did everything.

It’s a younger looking, less grey-haired Obama you see in this clip from days long gone.


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