Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 4, 2008

Election Night

simpsons4:29PM PST: Lots of tap-dancing on the teevee. Apparently a lot of folks voted…

More as inspired.

5:04PM: Still no surprises. Waiting for Virginia, and Indiana is still close.

5:06PM: Pennsylvania goes Obama per MSNBC. If you’re John McCain, you’d have liked that to be a tougher one…

5:22PM Am watching HD net, and no one is yelling at me.

5:41PM Have switched to NBC. Chuck Todd has just channelled Tim Russert and written Bush three times on their virtual whiteboard (as in Bush is an Anvil on the GOP). So far all my predictions are on track.

5:44PM Grant Park in Chicago looks like the place to be tonight.

6:24PM: MSNBC calls Ohio for Obama. Game over.

8:01PM NBC calls the election for Obama. We are all in Grant Park. There are no other words.

8:28PM: As predicted, McCain’s speech was exceptionally gracious. The rehabilitation of his image starts tonight.

9:53PM: I am drained and elated. Obama’s speech – part somber recollection, part inspiration, part revival – was spot on, and I was proud of the grace Obama’s supporters showed John McCain – a grace that was not in the McCain supporters’ ability to reciprocate. There are still unsettled races – Indiana, North Carolina, Missouri, and Montana are still up for grabs, and the Minnesota Senate seat is neck and neck. So far, my electoral prediction is holding, but tenuous.

I’m done for the night. I’m reminded of when the Mets won the world series in 1969. A reporter asked Mets Manager Gil Hodges if he could put into words what that victory for the perennial cellar-dwellars meant. Hodges laughed, spread his hands wide, and said, “Can’t be done.”

At any rate, I can’t even try tonight. I’m just content with incoherent happiness.


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