Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 13, 2008

A Note about Joe

Marc Ambinder seems to think that Lieberman is a scold but otherwise not a real player in the Senate going forward, and that’s true – Lieberman will have no constituency other than Meet the Press and the rest of the Sabbath gasbags. That doesn’t mean he shouldn’t pay some price for his mendacity.

But then Ambinder wrote this:

It’s not even clear that [Lieberman] will run for re-election in 2012; he’d certainly face the same kind of primary fight in Connecticut as he did in ’06, with the added possibility of Chris Shays running a strong Republican campaign.

Um, Marc, the Connecticut for Lieberman party only has one elected member, and it’s not one who could challenge Joe Lieberman in a primary and still obey the laws of physics. Furthermore, Joe Lieberman will never, ever, run for anything as a Democrat again.

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