Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 17, 2008

Dear Senator Boxer…

82875228WC012_MCCAINDear Senator Boxer:

As a member of the Senate Democratic Steering and Outreach Committee, Joe Lieberman’s fate as a committee chair is in your hands.

Given Senator Lieberman’s record during the past Presidential election where he not only supported the Republican candidate but attacked Barack Obama with outright falsehoods, and given that he has campaigned against the Democratic Party in at least two U.S. Senate races (Maine and Minnesota), I urge you and your colleagues to remove Senator Lieberman from his position as chair of the Senate Homeland Security/Governmental Affairs committee.

Not only does this make sense from a strictly partisan point of view, but from a performance perspective as well: by most accounts, Senator Lieberman has been an abysmal chairman of this committee – uncommitted to oversight and investigation at a time when such oversight was desperately needed. He has forfeited his right to have such an important position.

This action is fully justified based on all of Senator Lieberman’s behavior, and keeps with precedents for Senators who have abandoned their party’s standard-bearer in a Presidential election.

I urge you to support – and encourage your colleagues to support – Senator Lieberman’s removal from his current Committee Chairmanship.


[Mutant Poodle]

If you’re from California, you can send your own note here. The vote is tomorrow.

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