Posted by: mutantpoodle | November 20, 2008

Quick Hits


  • EHarmony will now match same sex couples. About time.
  • Why is it that the Barack Obama needs to raise money for his transition? I mean, I like getting e-mails from David Plouffe as much as the next guy, but can’t the government pony up for this? (Inaugural festivities are a bit different, but some money in the budget to cover this would be nice.)
  • Martin Peretz, David Broder, and Tom Friedman have all weighed in against Hillary Clinton as Barack Obama’s Secretary of State. Not to be snarky (OK, to be a little snarky), is there a better endorsement than that?
  • More important than the Obama transition may well be Henry Waxman’s successful bid to replace John Dingell as Chairmanof the House Energy & Commerce Committee. Dingell was a global warming dinosaur, and his ability and desire to shield Detroit from making cleaner, more fuel efficient cars looks, in retrospect, to have hurt more than it helped. This augers well for energy and climate legislation that’s more than symbolic.
  • This week’s sign that the apocalypse is upon us? The newsstand at Santa Monica & Beverly Glen Boulevards here in Los Angeles is selling a glossy Sarah Palin commemorative magazine, complete with truthy facts about her mavericky reform record and the 2008 convention speech that she read.
  • Leaving the Coffee Bean now. Talk amongst yourselves.


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