Posted by: mutantpoodle | December 4, 2008

The Pinnacle of Desperate

propagandaSo yesterday I suggested out that a combination of economic conditions and Obama shrewdness has boxed Republicans out a bit, leaving them with fairly undesirable territory from which to criticize the President-elect, when he actually becomes President.

I swear I wasn’t issuing a challenge. But after declaring, yesterday, that Republicans “have the momentum” in the wake of Saxby Chambliss’s run-off victory over Jim Martin in Georgia, Republican National Committee Chair Mike Duncan today proclaims, in Politico, that this victory proves that the country hasn’t moved to the left:

Georgians refuted any notion that the ideology of the country has shifted to the left. They supported the candidate who believes that people should keep their hard-earned dollars; that every American resource should be leveraged to address our energy crisis; that the role of judges is to interpret the Constitution; and that America must be vigilant against the very real threats to our nation and its citizens.

Notably, Chambliss won in spite of strong support by President-elect Obama and Democrat organizations for Jim Martin. Georgian’s clearly sent a message that any rhetoric about a liberal mandate is nothing but hot air. Georgians — and all Americans — will be watching Washington closely and expecting policies that make government work for them and not against small businesses and entrepreneurs.

OK, first off, you doofus, it’s Democratic, not Democrat. This childish insistence of Republicans on calling the Democratic Party the “Democrat” Party is getting old.

Second, I’d note that if Georgia is a bellweather of the political mood of the country, it’s off by, say, 12% – Obama won the popular vote by 7% nationally, but lost by 5% in Georgia. Which brings up another point: Why didn’t McCain’s victory in Georgia on November 4th refute the notion that “the ideology of the country has shifted to the left”?

I think Chambliss’s election definitely proves that any notion that Georgia is a center-left state is nothing but hot air. In other news, children like ice cream and the Los Angeles Clippers stink.

I know the job of party chairmen is to spin madly, but perhaps a little less madness in their spinning would lead to greater credibility when it actually matters.

Lampooning a right-wing blogger making much the same arguments as Duncan, Blue Texan at FDL put it all in perspective:

Erick Erickson Dances In End Zone After Late Field Goal By Saxby Chambliss Makes Final Score 48-3.

In just over two years the Republican Party has managed to lose control of both legislative branches of government and the Presidency as well. Hanging on to an incumbent Senator in a very red state in a runoff may not be the turning point you’re making it out to be.

But keep on trying.

[Image via the brilliant]


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