Posted by: mutantpoodle | February 5, 2009

More like this, please

Now, can someone besides the President of the United States get aggressive about this? I’ve talked about the hypocrisy of Republicans clutching their pearls and getting the vapors when talking about how a trillion dollars is so much money when it was not so much just a few years ago when they were the ones pissing it away.Oh, and that, when it comes to the economy, they don’t know what they’re talking about.When I was in high school, I worked for the Minneapolis Public Schools radio station, KBEM-FM. At the time, every voice on air belonged to a student in the Minneapolis Public Schools system. The man who ran the station decided, notwithstanding our age and inexperience, to treat us like adults.

So that’s how we acted.

Now, Barack Obama has decided, ignoring all prior evidence to the contrary, that significant numbers of Republicans in Congress are ready to engage seriously in a discussion about how to keep the U.S.economy afloat. His two week experiment has failed, because it is quite apparent to most sentient beings that Republicans are not, in fact, serious about this discussion at all.

Exhibit A:

What in heaven’s name does Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell have against honeybees?

….It turns out that the Senate minority leader took his cue from Neil Cavuto of Fox News, who has been carrying on about the topic for more than a week. Their campaign was joined Tuesday by Sen. David Vitter (R-La.), who stood on the floor of the chamber challenging “any member to come and explain what that provision was.”

I’m no senator, but I’m pleased to inform Vitter that it is, in fact, a disaster insurance program for all livestock producers. Beekeepers obviously would be minor beneficiaries next to, say, cattle ranchers, so it’s a tad bit dishonest to label the whole program “honeybee insurance.”

The provision simply continues a program enacted by Congress last year, overriding a veto by President Bush. In other words, the Senate voted on it twice in 2008 — once to enact and once to override. Connoisseurs of political comedy will see the punch line coming: McConnell and Vitter voted yea both times.

So it turns out that McConnell isn’t really against honeybees. He’s only using them to pretend that he’s got a principled objection to a stimulus plan aimed at pulling the country out of the most severe recession in decades.

Exhibit B:

STEELE: You and I know that in the history of mankind and womankind, government—federal, state or local—has never created one job. It’s destroyed a lot of them.

Rachel Maddow showed a clip of Orrin Hatch speaking today in the Senate chamber. The backdrop? A big poster touting the GOP solution to our problems: lower corporate tax rates, and lower capital gains tax rates.

Because all these American companies have tons of profits that they’d like to use to hire more people, but have to pay taxes instead so they’re laying people off.

Need I continue?

If any of this starts making sense to you, scroll up and play the clip again. Repeat as necessary.


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