Posted by: mutantpoodle | February 15, 2009

Dog bites Man, GOP version

mccain-obamaJosh Marshall flagged this shocking story: who’d have thought that leading members of the Republican Party would in any way be critical of a President from the opposition party?

And yet, here they are, the self-appointed arbiters of comity, solemnly decreeing that Obama had failed his first test of bipartisanship. Unspoken, but implied, is that this critical blunder has probably crippled Obama’s presidency permanently.

After all, Obama’s favorability is down to 2/3 of all Americans – or, put another way, damned near everybody who voted for him thinks he’s doing a good job, and 1/3 of what’s left of Republicans approve of him as well.

How ever will he recover?

Or, as Marshall asked, “I wonder what it would be like if McCain lost?”

Look – I get that Republicans are going to try to spin Obama’s ability to, within three weeks of taking office, pass a monumental stimulus and tax cut (including what may be the largest tax cut in history that, by the way, 99% of Republicans in Congress voted against) as a blistering failure, but shouldn’t just about everybody laugh in their face when they say it?

Oh, and in the plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose category, check out the first minute (the second question) of this John Kennedy press conference:

Question: Mr. President, in the 1960 campaign, you used to say that it was time for America to get moving again. The reason I ask you the question, Mr. President, is that the Republican National Committee recently adapted a resolution saying you were pretty much of a failure.

JFK: Well, I’m sure it was passed unanimously.

Half a century later, its comforting to know that you can still count on the GOP.

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