Posted by: mutantpoodle | March 21, 2009

The blahs

Unsustainable EconomyI’ve been unmotivated to post much this week. Much as the AIG bonuses were good red meat, the sight of everybody taking stupid pills just got to me. Clearly, AIG is tone deaf, but the sweeping response is quite likely to hurt people who had nothing to do with AIG’s collapse, and for whom bonuses are a part of the compensation they expect.

Meanwhile, people spent waaay too much time deconstructing Obama’s dopey “Special Olympics” crack on Leno, and the sight of our elected Representatives – most of whom, from both parties, are completely compromised on anything that has to do with regulating Wall Street – run to be at the front of the torches and pitchforks crowd was just nauseating.

Meanwhile, in important news, nobody likes Tim Geithner’s latest.

Not Krugman.

Not Calculated Risk.

Not Naked Capitalism.

John Cole summarizes Geithner thusly:

The Illness- reckless and irresponsible betting led to huge losses
The Diagnosis- Insufficient gambling.
The Cure- a Trillion dollar stack of chips provided by the house.
The Prognosis- We are so screwed.

This is a plan devised by people who think that folks on Wall Street have had magical fairy dust sprinkled on them. If they haven’t figured by now out that no such magic exists, I’m not sure what to say.

Except get a f-ing clue.

[Additional grumpiness due to UCLA’s demolition at the hands of Villanova]


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