Posted by: mutantpoodle | April 25, 2009

Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler

Marcy Wheeler

It’s been another out-of-town week for me, hence the bloggy laziness. You’ll have to trust me when I say I’ve been thinking incredibly profound thoughts.

This has been the week that the enhanced interrogation torture debate has resurfaced with a vengeance. I won ‘t get into the partisan stupidity – is Banana Republic your final answer? – but it certainly has revealed the shallowness of much of our political discourse, and the cowardice of so much modern-day journalism. It’s torture. Really – the Joint Chiefs know it, the Bushies knew it – just fucking say it.

Which brings us to Marcy, whose work I’ve been following for years, starting well before she demonstrated her incredible gifts on the Valerie Plame case. The folks at Firedoglake have been trying to get a sponsor for Marcy so she can apply her prodigious gifts full time. Having failed at finding a big-pockets donor, they’re taking it to the streets.

Marcy hs a PhD from Michigan, and wrote her thesis on the feuilleton, and in the foreward to her book on the Plame case, Anatomy of Deceit, she discussed the history of the feuilleton, bringing its importance to the present day:

Feuilletons first appeared in response to Napoleonic censorship, and in the two hundred years since, they have often become important at moments when political polarization or government censorship has degraded traditional news reporting into nothing more than the parroting of ideological talking points. At such times, the feuilleton has served as a place where writers, using ordinary language, could tell of important events in a more meaningful way.

Marcy has scooped the traditional media more than once – most recently, she got props from the New York Times for discovering, simply by reading and connecting the dots, that Khalid Sheik Mohammed hd been waterboarded 183 times in a month.

That ticking bomb had a pretty long fuse.

Lest you think Marcy’s all bookworm, I can tell you from comment interactions that she’s incredibly funny and has a healthy (unhealthy?) passion for rugby. When Pat Fitzgerald was prosecuting Scooter Libby and talking to no one, a mutual acquaintance introduced them. Fitzgrald still wouldn’t talk about the case, so they chatted away about their shared rugby passion.

Dana Houle at Daily Kos has more on Marcy – he’s known her since she first started blogging. And the Firedoglake plea is here. Andrew Sullivan refers to her a a journalist who won’t self-censor. I think she’s someone who pursues the truth where it leads, and God knows we could use a double helping of that these days.

If you’re convinced, go here. If not, go read Dana at Kos and Jane at Firedoglake, and then do the right thing.


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