Posted by: mutantpoodle | August 13, 2009


I have a friend whose cousin was convinced that George Bush was trying to poison America’s children through vaccinations, and so wouldn’t allow his kids to get shots.  Receptive as I was (and am) to instances of Bush’s active use of the government against the people of the United States. that allegation was one I managed to dismiss rather easily.

Which brings me to this clip [via Oliver Willis, and c/o Americablog] of an incredibly distraught man from Maine, coninced this country is about to disintegrate.

I have two reactions.  I am incredibly sad for this man, who has clearly been fed a pile of propaganda by the likes of Fox News and Rush Limbaugh. (That said, he clearly went back for seconds.)

On the other hand, it reinforces my contempt for the Hannity/Beck/Limbaugh contingent of the media, who do their schtick playing to the crazy and giving us, at the end of the day, this man.

I actually don’t think the media folks who traffic in the Obama = Nazi socialist granny killer are dumb enough to believe it, which means that they’re doing it because it sells.

I don’t know if the United States is being torn asunder or not.  But if so, it’s being abetted by mercenaries who are doing it for a paycheck.

I’m just indescribably sad about all of it. But that’s not all: as angry as the Teabag crowd is at the fictional sins of President Obama, I am just as mad at the incendiary responsibility of those who have fueled their fire. The hell with all of them.



  1. You’re right, it’s all so profoundly sad. You’d think those fanning the flames have GOT to be smart enough to know that their allegations are blatantly false. Right? Which makes this all an extremely depressing and cynical exercise.

    I blame our largely rotten education system.

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