Posted by: mutantpoodle | August 16, 2009

200 Words or Less

We Want the Public Option!

We Want the Public Option!

If you want health care reform in a nutshell, here it is, courtesy of Nancy Najarian of North Carolina:

Health Care Reform as it is being proposed gives us choices. We will have the right to stay alive with medical care or not, just as we have now. It gives us access to affordable and good medical treatment for all, including the 47 million who do not currently have any. If we have preconditions, we will not be excluded from having health insurance. The health insurance that companies will offer will be better, and cost less; there will be basic standards they must meet. The 47 million people who do not currently have healthcare will either receive it under Medicare, Medicaid, or subsidies from the Federal government. None of this will increase our deficit or taxes, in the bills currently under review. In addition, a public option will not increase our deficit or our taxes. It will allow healthy competition for insurance companies…which is exactly what our economy is based on right now.


Oh, and click the link to support the Public Option.


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