Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 17, 2010

Et Tu, Massachusetts?

Scott Brown and Martha Coakley

In a sane world, one of the most highly educated and progressive states in the union wouldn’t give an empty suit like Scott Brown the time of day.

Clearly, this is no longer a sane world.

I don’t know if the Bay State is going to send Scott Brown to Washington to do whatever his GOP elders tell him to do, but the notion that it’s close has to do with two things.

  1. A truly arrogant and inept campaign from Martha Coakley
  2. A seething, if misplaced anger, that is sweeping the country.

Coakley treated the seat like it was her birthright, campaigned sporadically, and, well, took the voters of Massachusetts for granted. Brown campaigned energetically, defined the race in a manner that benefitted him, and now has a 50-50 shot at the Senate seat that has been held by a Kennedy for over half a century.

I am, of course, not unbiased, but if voters are really set on punishing Democrats this year, its like getting your car totaled in a hit and run and then decking the person who stops to help.

If you live in Massachusetts and believe that 2001-2008 was a disastrous era for this country, and believe further that it was a disaster because the GOP had unchecked power to implement their agenda, please, suck it up and vote for Martha Coakley. 61% of you voted for Barack Obama, for crying out loud.  Perhaps give him a chance to make things better?

Because the alternative is a guy who voted for a Massachusetts health care bill that is strikingly similar to the current Senate bill, and yet opposes the latter, who descries huge deficits while, in the same breath, calling for massive tax cuts, voted against aid to 9/11 recovery workers (he was one of only 3 GOP state Senators to do so), and, on a lovely personal note, speculated on whether Barack Obama was born out of wedlock.

Put another way, Democrats have had less than a year to clean up the mess that faced them as a governing coalition on January 20, 2009. Elect Scott Brown, and that cleanup ends.

[Don’t get me started on the fact that Senate Democrats can’t pass most legislation even with 59 58 55 reliable votes. Because that is batshit insane.]

Martha Coakley has her issues, too. But seriously Massachusetts – Brown has, by his actions, indicated that he’s not serious about any of the problems facing this country. And you’re going to put him in the Senate?

Wake up.



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