Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 25, 2010

Tim: That’s what CHOICE Means

Focus on the Family is prepared to pony up well over $2 million to air an ad during the Super Bowl February 6th. The tie-in? The star of the ad will be Heisman Trophy winner and NFL prospect Tim Tebow.

Now, Tebow and his mother, Pam, have a compelling story.  Her pregnancy was dangerous, and she was advised to terminate it.  She did not, and as a result, Florida has had an outstanding quarterback for the past three years, and Tim Tebow gets a shot at the NFL. CBS executives claim the ad isn’t “overt” about it’s pro-life message, and maybe so, although subtlety and James Dobson have, at best, an on again, off again relationship.

Peter King, the excellent Sports Illustrated NFL writer, talked to Tebow about the ad and the controversy it might generate.

“That’s always going to be a part of who I am, and I won’t try to hide it,” Tebow told me from Nashville, where he was working out with Bratkowski, the former Packer quarterback and longtime NFL assistant coach. “A team that doesn’t want that shouldn’t take me. Pro-life is very important to me. My mother listened to God late in her pregnancy, and if she had listened to others and terminated me, obviously I wouldn’t be here. If others don’t have the same belief, it’s OK. I understand. But I hope they respect that at least I have the courage to stand up for what I believe in.”

Well, Tim, it’s nice to hear you say that. I mean the part where “If others don’t have the same belief, it’s OK.” Because, believe it or not, no one in the pro-choice community has ever forced a woman to have an abortion.

Not once.

Not only that, but Planned Parenthood, which gets tons of heat (and, sadly, an occasional clinic bombing) for providing abortions to women who do choose to have them, also provides low-cost pre-natal services to women who are pregnant and choose to take their pregnancy to term.

Anyway, I have no problem with your aversion to abortion. I am happy for you and your mother that everything worked out, and I wish you well in the NFL.

Now, since I am more than willing to respect your beliefs, to the point that I wouldn’t force you to abide by mine, how about you return the favor?



  1. I can’t wait for Tim to respond. But. I guess I’ll have to.

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