Posted by: mutantpoodle | February 18, 2010

Questions for the GOP

Imagine, if you will, a world where the DC media look at issues seriously, eschew the winner/loser of the day coverage of politics that dominates their coverage today,calls out politicians and parties when they are being less than factual, and doesn’t seek out false equivalencies when comparing opposing positions. (“While the GOP is completely wrong about any notion of ‘death panels’ in health reform bills, President Obama was off by 1/2% in his claim of health care insurance cost growth over the last 10 years.)

I know.  But a man can dream.

In this dream, the GOP is confronted by persistent reporters who treat their obstructionism as a policy choice, and ask them questions designed to discern their actual positions.

For example:

  • How would the Republican Health Care plan actually work to make basic healthcare coverage available to most Americans, without fear of rescission or pre-existing condition denials?
  • Which specific parts of the Democratic health care reform plans do you oppose? Is it:
    • the reining in of insurance companies practice of rescission?
    • the prohibition on denials for pre-existing conditions?
    • the creation of insurance exchanges in which private companies compete for customers in the open market?
    • The funding of research to inform doctors of the relative effectiveness of various treatment courses?
    • The individual mandate?

(Note: if it’s any of the last four, elements of those were part of the GOP alternative to Bill Clinton’s health care reform proposal in 1993.)

  • If you are neither willing to let the Democrats vote on their plan nor vote for an amended version of it if given concessions (plenty of which have been made already), aren’t you essentially voting for a continuation of all the problems with our current health insurance system?
  • Many members of your party have defended themselves against charges of hypocrisy based on them trying to get stimulus money for their districts.  If that isn’t hypocritical, would it be fair to call someone who touts jobs created by stimulus funds in their district hypocritical if they then claim that the stimulus hasn’t created any jobs?
  • Is it your position that the FBI is incompetent at the interrogation of captured or suspected terrorists?

Now, I’m sure there are more – feel free to chime in.

Now all we need is someone in the DC press corps who will ask. Anybody? Anybody? Bueller?


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