Posted by: mutantpoodle | July 7, 2010

The Long Silence

Cartoon by Marcello Rampazzo

Nothing bad has happened. I haven’t been struck by lightning, nor has the San Andreas fault opened up and swallowed me whole.

Mostly, I got tired of the rampant, repetitive stupidity of our politics and our media, the looniness of the right, the shrillness of the left, and the vacuousness of the moderate center.

And no, I’m not giving examples.  It makes me tired to look all this idiocy up.

So rather than just rant, I went dark.  I’ll probably stay dark, at least as regards politics, for a bit more.  I’m heading east tomorrow, where I will rent an SUV and drive my mother, her emotionally needy pit bull, and two cats who don’t get along and are prone to carsickness across the country to California.

So maybe I’ll post about that.

And maybe after that, I’ll be recharged enough to weigh in without self-pity. It will take a fair amount of recharging.

Because it’s unlikely that our politics or our punditocracy is going to get elevated anytime soon.



  1. Hard to disagree with your pessimism.

  2. politics is a waste of time

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