Posted by: mutantpoodle | February 23, 2011

A foolish consistency

New Yorker Cartoon by by J.B. Handelsman

As far as I can tell, these are the bedrock, inviolable principles of today’s Republican Party:

  1. Big government is a threat to liberty. Denying the freedom of citizens to marry whom they choose, or to avoid warantless wiretaps, is not a threat to liberty.
  2. No taxpayers should have to pay for abortions for the poor, or for NPR or PBS, because some taxpayers don’t believe in them. All taxpayers should subsidize corporate tax breaks, and pay for killing people far away, no matter how few people believe in them.
  3. A small percentage tax increase on wealthy Americans will bring the economy to a screeching halt. A large decrease in middle class wages = growth!
  4. The organization of lower and middle class workers into unions which can influence  government creates an imbalance of power. The ability of individuals and corporations to spend unlimited amounts to buy elections and, in some cases, actual politicians, is democracy.
  5. A large group protesting Republican polices policies that will directly hurt them are agitators directly coordinated by President Obama and Obama for America. A small group of people protesting against fictional elements of legislation proposed by Obama, and who are funded by large corporate interests, a real Americans.
  6. Deficits don’t matter (1981-1992, 2001 – 2008). ZOMG, Deficits! (1993 – 2000, 2009 – )
  7. Democracy in Egypt is dangerous if religious fundamentalists are empowered. Democracy in America is endangered unless religious fundamentalists are empowered.

Am I missing anything?



  1. When are you running for office?

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