Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 4, 2012

The bigger picture…

Landslide Mitt is the GOP’s nominee in waiting, unless it turns out he’s squirreled away another 8 wives in Colorado City, Arizona, in which case, well, maybe they can get to work reanimating Ronald Reagan’s corpse, which would be instantly attacked as a moderate, compromising tax-raiser.

Meanwhile, Charlie Pierce lays out the bigger picture of our completely broken campaign finance system:

The American political system is profoundly deformed. It is deformed by the now limitless power of unaccountable corporate money. (I would remind folks that, in 1972, unaccountable corporate money in a Republican campaign safe was what the Watergate scandal ultimately was all about.) Nothing that happened last night in any way changes that. The American political system is also deformed by the nearly limitless power of concocted narrative, reinforced by an elite political media locked into a self-contained, airless universe, and completely incapable of recognizing a luxurious farce even when there right in the middle of it. For six months, we have heard from the more polite precincts of this universe that the Republican field is made up of second-raters. (Politico, The Daily Racing Form of that universe, ran a piece only just yesterday saying exactly that.) Rick Santorum’s sudden ability to garner 25 percent of the Republican caucus voters in Iowa last night doesn’t change that simply because it happened. When that unaccountable corporate money is the silent engine behind the creation and maintenance of concocted narrative, the system cannot prevail left to its own devices.

This is the beginning of a watershed election in the history of the country. It is the first presidential campaign that we have had since the turn of the last century that has to be contested while everyone involved has to cooperate in the fiction that the whole process isn’t completely for sale.

I watched this happen in Iowa over the last three days, and I continue to be astonished why this isn’t the only story being told.

I, on the other hand, am merely grateful that someone is doing the telling.

On a lighter note, David Firestone suggests that Mitt look a little more closely at America the Beautiful before he continues to recite it in his stump speeches.

[Cartoon via Donkyehote]

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