Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 12, 2012

Mitt: A dickhead of worldwide renown

Do I pick on Mitt Romney? Sure, why not.  I think what I find appalling about him is that I am pretty sure he know’s he’s spouting bullshit, and does it anyway.

(Of course, the academic study of bullshit suggests that the bullshitter is unconcerned whether what s/he says is true, whereas the liar, in order to lie, must know the truth, making the bullshitter a greater enemy of truth than the liar.  But I digress.)

Romney has a number of offensive lines of BS – that Obama went around the world apologizing for America, that he wants to create a society with “equality of outcomes”, that he caused the recession that preceded his presidency – all demonstrably false. All bullshit.

On Tuesday night, Romney said Obama “wants to turn America into a European style social welfare state. We want to ensure that we remain a free and prosperous land of opportunity. This president takes his cues and inspirations from the capitals of Europe. We look to the cities and towns across America for our inspiration.”

This, too, of course, is bullshit.

It turns out there was an honest-to-god furriner in the audience, from that very same socialist hotbed of Europe.  The World’s Clark Boyd picks up the story:

Willem Post, an expert on US politics at the Clingendael Institute for International Relations in the Netherlands, was in New Hampshire to get a read on the candidates. In the days before that speech, Post said he got a chance to speak with Romney for a couple of minutes.

“I asked him, ‘Do you know the Netherlands? Do you know Europe?’ And he said, yes, I’ve been many times in your country as well. And he said about the Netherlands, I love speed skating. I thought — Okay, this is a guy who knows Europe well,” Post said. “Then I was there when he gave his speech, and he was saying, Mr. Obama is too cozy with Europe, with socialist Europe.”

Post thought to himself, “Really?”

The Europe that now has quite a few countries, including the Netherlands, run by centrist and center-right governments?

The Europe that’s wrestling with its budgets, and as often as not is trying to solve its problems with privatization?

Post said he thought, “Mr. Romney, come on. You almost owe us an apology. It’s really nonsense.”

Good luck with that apology, Mr. Post.  On the other hand, at least the knowledge that Mitt Romney is a transparent, inauthentic, liar and bullshitter will travel across the Atlantic ocean.

If only it could spread more rapidly across the United States.

[Cartoon by Steve Sack, Minneapolis Star-Tribune]


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