Posted by: mutantpoodle | January 26, 2012


I love discovering new bloggy places. Today, I point you to This Ruthless World, which is not only well written, but shares the bulk of my biases.

Here are some nuggets from the post that sucked me in (12 Things I Want Every Politically Opinionated Person To Take To Heart):

2. Don’t beat yourself in the chest about how much you love the Constitution unless you actually know and understand what it says. The Constitution is not like Jesus. Your duty as a good citizen isn’t to believe in it, or to love it. Your duty is to know and understand it, and thus be aware of how it impacts your life and the life of this country. The Constitution is a law, and law isn’t based on faith; it’s based on reason, experience and wisdom, or at least should be. In light of these facts, please, pretty please, read the damned thing. Then read the commentaries. Then read case law. Make sure you really understand it, especially as applied to facts. I am not saying you have to agree with every interpretation ever made. I am not saying people have to agree on which interpretations are good and which are bad. But please, respect the Constitution by familiarizing yourself with it in-depth, and when you dissent from someone’s interpretation, make sure your opinion is an informed one. Don’t just waive the Constitution around like it’s a crucifix or a string of garlic. It’s not magic.

3. “Limited government” does not mean small, underfunded or impotent government. Once you familiarize yourself with the Constitution, this will become clear. The Constitution limits the reach of the Federal government by enumerating its powers. To translate this into lay, it’s a “glass half-empty is glass half-full”-type situation: the Federal government does not have the general police power (that’s reserved to the States), but the Constitution does explicitly grant the Federal government certain specific and very important powers. Attempting to curtail those powers in the name of “limited government” makes no sense and betrays a profound lack of understanding of the Constitution.


6. The differences between conservatives and liberals have nothing to do with the size of government. People who want the police to investigate every miscarriage as a possible homicide do not argue in good faith when they claim that they want “the government out of our business”. People who want to amend the Constitution to define “marriage” — despite the fact that domestic relations have NEVER been the province of federal law — do not argue in good faith when they claim that they want to stop the federal government’s encroachment on state power. Here is the real distinction between liberals and conservatives: Liberals want the government to extensively police commerce, but not to police private, consensual conduct, artistic expression or scientific inquiry. Conservatives want the government to police private consensual conduct, artistic expression and scientific inquiry, but to leave commerce alone. Both sides are more than willing to have the government spend oodles of money getting all up in people’s business, depending on what kind of business it is. An excess of anything is bad, but if I had to choose the lesser of two evils, I would say that we as a society have less to fear from an excess of liberalism than from an excess of conservatism. I don’t expect everyone to agree, but I really wish more people would appreciate the real distinction here.

There are more (of course – there are twelve, and I quoted three). Head over and check it out.



  1. Thanks, MutantPoodle! I am so very flattered, and I’m glad you enjoyed that post.

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