Posted by: mutantpoodle | February 24, 2012

Is this what Romney means by “inefficiencies”?

Seriously, Mitt, you could have used almost any urban high school auditorium for that crowd – not, you know, Ford Field.

By way of comparison, here is our Kenyan Muslim socialist presidential candidate, four years ago, almost to the day, in Cleveland, Ohio:

Note to Romney campaign: they’re called “seats” because people who want to see your candidate can, you know, actually sit in them. Or, if they’re really excited, stand in front of them.

I’ve talked about how, in the closing stages of the Mondale campaign in 1984, 3,500 people came to see Geraldine Ferraro at Rhode Island Community College.  That’s the same Walter Mondale who got roughly 17 million fewer votes than Ronald Reagan, and, let’s see here, 522 fewer electoral votes. That crowd was nearly three times as big as Mitt’s today.

My guess is that whichever Republican gets to Tampa Bay with the most limbs intact won’t be giving his acceptance speech at Raymond James Stadium.

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