Posted by: mutantpoodle | March 1, 2012

Andrew Breitbart

To say I was surprised to hear of the death of right wing agent provocateur Andrew Breitbart would be to understate the case. I saw him, energetically disheveled, on Monday morning in Westwood – not far, I gather, from where he lived until his passing last night.

I obviously don’t agree with Ruch Limbaugh that the world needs “thousands” of Andrew Breitbarts; this is someone who libeled Shirley Sherrod,  sponsored and defended a dishonest sting of ACORN, and spewed a string of vile tweets about Ted Kennedy on the day he died. I think his legacy in the public sphere is decidedly negative.

None of this lessens the pain his wie, parents, and four children must be feeling today, and my thoughts are with them.

As Melissa at Shakespeare’s Sister said, “I would have preferred instead that he’d lived long enough to change his mind.”



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