Posted by: mutantpoodle | March 2, 2012

He gets it

Two days after the fat viagra slob suggests that she is a slut, and one day after he suggests that she should post her own sex tapes on-line to in exchange for him paying for her birth control (don’t even try to figure it out), the mensch in the Oval Office gave her a call to make sure she was OK.

I imagine having two daughters and a strong, confident wife doesn’t hurt President Obama’s sensitivity to the vile behavior exhibited by the OxContin addict from Palm Beach. I imagine it’s just a coincidence that virtually no Republican men have any daughters who might clue them in to how despicable the words from Premiere’s Radio Networks’ gelatinous slug truly are.

Oh, and to paraphrase President Andy Shepherd, Rush, if you want a character debate, Sandra Fluke is out of your league.

UPDATE: Scott Brown, who does have daughters, gets it. So far, that’s about it among GOP men.

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