Posted by: mutantpoodle | July 5, 2012

Great moments in privatization


A Hallandale Beach, Fla., lifeguard said he was fired after he left his post to rescue a man drowning outside the zone he was hired to patrol.

Lifeguard Tomas Lopez told NBC 6 that on Monday he was alerted by beachgoers that a man was struggling in the water, which was part of unguarded territory outside the lifeguard zone. He said he raced out to try and help him. A sign warning beachgoers to swim at their own risk separates the two zones.

Now, two other lifeguards say they have also been fired over failing to agree with the company policy, and four others say they have quit in protest.

It looks like this idiocy will get reversed, if only because Jeff Ellis Management looks horrible, and I’d point out that the city of Hallandale Beach should be grateful, because I imagine a “you’re not in my zone, bro” policy might lead the survivors of a victim of said policy to sue. For a lot.

[Company President Jeff] Ellis added that he needs to know exactly what happened.

“Once this investigation is complete, if we did something inappropriately, we will make it right. That includes offering him his employment back if he was terminated in haste,” he said.

Ellis is expected in Hallandale Beach Thursday to oversee a full investigation into the matter, Dobens said. He added that the city will wait for the results of the investigation.

“The city’s position is if there’s an actual emergency, the lifeguard should assist instead of waiting for a perceived emergency,” Dobens said.

I would certainly hope so. I just wonder how come that isn’t, you know, policy.


  1. Please explain this sentence: “if there’s an actual emergency, the lifeguard should assist instead of waiting for a perceived emergency,”

    I think it should be the opposite — that is, if there is a perceived emergency, a lifeguard should act before it becomes a real emergency.

  2. No argument. Not sure if that’s Doben’s being unclear or being misquoted…

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