Posted by: mutantpoodle | July 10, 2012

Mittens gets tough

Well, Mitt Romney isn’t going to take it lying down. Apparently, he has decided to fight back against Barack Obama’s line that he is an ‘outsourcing Pioneer’,  and they’re bringing out the big guns:

In a conference call Monday morning, senior staff said Romney’s surrogates would stop shying away from the word “lie” in responding to Democrats’ attacks on his business record, and plan to go on TV to call Obama a “liar,” the source said.

Forget for the moment the difficulty in calling a lie that which appears to be an eminently fair, if not entirely accurate (I don’t think Romney should get credit for being an outsourcing pioneer, but, say, early adopter would work) characterization of Romney’s record.  Anyone see a bigger problem?

Charlie Pierce:

Issues of presidential temperament aside, and anyone who’s watched Willard’s previous attempts to butch himself up politically may recall that it’s very much like watching a team of Shiu-Tzus try to win the Iditarod, does the Romney campaign really want to open the ball up on the issue of which candidate’s words have proven to be the most credible?

If calling true stuff false and false stuff true is all you got, you might as well go all in.


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