Posted by: mutantpoodle | August 1, 2012

Style points don’t count

Charlie Pierce already demolished Sunday’s chin-stroking idiocy from the New York Times, suggesting that Barack Obama is taking untold risks going negative against Mitt Romney, seeing as how he was all hopey-changey four years ago.

I’m trying to remember a similar article in 2004 about the risk to George W. Bush’s brand as a “compassionate conservative.”  Oh, right.


Can everybody on both sides of the big political dig please now come to the overdue realization that the president was not elected to fulfill your rosy dreams of what you believe America to be? He was a politician, more ambitious than most, who was handed the biggest dungburger of pre-existing political conditions of any president since FDR. Right now, his primary obligation to himself — and, I would argue, to democracy its own self — is to keep his job out of the well-manicured and grasping talons of Willard Romney. That he is doing so with enough vigor to give the vapors to the country’s lycanthropic financial titans, and to the reporters who worship them, is what he’s supposed to be doing. And, in doing so, I don’t think he’s gone more than a yard out of bounds to make his hits. If that disturbs nappy-nap time for people who thought the country voted for Martin Luther Ruxspin last time around, that’s just going to have to be too bad.

And then there’s this, from today’s Times:

…a torrent of television advertising in the states, particularly in Ohio and Florida, appears to be resonating in Mr. Obama’s quest to define his Republican rival. The polls found that more voters say Mr. Romney’s experience was too focused on making profits at Bain Capital, the private equity firm he led, rather than the kind of experience that would help create jobs.

A snapshot of the race, taken during a burst of summer campaigning, found that Mr. Obama holds an advantage of 6 percentage points over Mr. Romney in Florida and Ohio. The president is stronger in Pennsylvania, leading by 11 percentage points. The margin of sampling of error is plus or minus three percentage points in each state.

I certainly hope that the author of the first piece, Jeff Zeleny, reads the work of the Times colleague behind the above paragraph, one, hang on a second here…Jeff Zeleny.

While it was incredibly bad form for Barack Obama to point out that his opponent does not exhibit a history of concern for the regular employment of working class Americans, it seems that, gauche as it was, that message is working.

And the pain won’t stop for Romney until he can make it stop.

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