Posted by: mutantpoodle | August 11, 2012

So it’s this guy…

It’s official.  I’ll have a lot to say about this over time, but a few quick thoughts:

  1. It might not be the best idea to take the VP path Bill Kristol suggests.
  2. I guess this is a choice election, after all.
  3. I’m sure Ryan will be very sad when the Obama team takes his “budget” and bludgeons the Romney ticket with it repeatedly.
  4. Really? Tagg Romney called the losers?

More from Charlie Pierce:

He’s a garden-variety supply-side faker. His alleged economic “wonkery” consists of a B.A. in economics from Miami of Ohio — which he would not have been able to achieve without my generosity in helping him out with the Social Security survivor’s benefits that got him through high school after his father kicked. (You’re welcome, zombie-eyed granny-starver. Think nothing of it. Really.) Whereupon he went to work in Washington for a variety of conservative congresscritters and think-tanks, thinking unremarkable thoughts for fairly unremarkable people. Once in Congress, however, he has been transformed into an intellectual giant despite the fact that, every time he comes up with another “budget,” actual economists get a look at it and determine, yet again, that between “What We Should Do” and “Great Things That Will Happen When We Do” is a wilderness of dreamy nonsense, wishful thinking, and an asterisk the size of Lake Huron.

Also, get used to the Pierce appellation for Ryan: zombie-eyed-granny-starver. ZEGS for short.

For all that people will talk about the bold move Mitt Romney made here, one could argue that he (like McCain) buckled to the right wing of his party, and, more importantly, I’d note that if he thought he could coast into the White House mouthing unscorable slogans about taxes and spending, he would have picked someone else.



  1. Three more months of this…

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