Posted by: mutantpoodle | September 12, 2012

The first rule…

In my days running a finance department at two motion picture studios, I always told the people who worked for me one rule to live by.

(I should note that at both studios, we were called on to perform many analyses, some more complicated than others, and always with deadlines, although those deadlines weren’t necessarily as firm as, say, this has to be done for the 6:00PM newscast kind of deadline. Still, there was pressure.)

The rule was this: they’ll forget you were late before they forget you were wrong.

And as cranky as people got when things came in 15 minutes, or even an hour or two after they wanted them (we always gave them updated ETAs), they got a lot more cranky when they found a mistake.

What, you may ask, does this have to do with a Presidential campaign?


Other than on the golf course, Presidents don’t get mulligans. Which is why, in the clip above, the current POTUS makes it pretty clear (to the oxygen-wasting Ed Henry) that accuracy trumps immediacy.

Enter Mitt Romney, and the Embassy attacks in Egypt and Libya.

As Obama noted during his convention speech, Romney and Paul Ryan are “new” to foreign policy. On top of that, Romney, at least, seems tone deaf.

Andrew Sullivan has a collection of posts under the “Unfit for Government” moniker related to Romney’s classless, fact-free attack on Obama; the Great Orange Satan has collected reactions from Republicans who know something about foreign policy and the village elders, and it’s not pretty:

I remember, during one of those godawful GOP debates, after whichever fluffy-haired moderator was done asking them which tree they were or whether Elvis or Johnny Cash was more their speed, the assembled candidates were asked to describe themselves in one word. When they got to Mitt, he lifted his jaw ever so slightly and unleashed his mellifluous baritone.


And so he is. Mitt Romney is the guy on the 5th Avenue sidewalk in New York, losing twenty bucks a pop to the guy at the three card monte table, convinced that this time, he’ll be able to find the ace.

Because walking away is never an option. And doing some research on three card monte to begin with would have taken so much time.


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