Posted by: mutantpoodle | September 24, 2012


I’ve been felled by a nasty cold and am just getting my bearings back. So, a few things.

First, Mitt Romney is totally going to win the election now that a) he’s ‘come out swinging’ and b) Barack Obama said something that Mitt Romney decides to attack. Need proof? Look here:

Now, I don’t want to rain on anyone’s parade, but “Romney comes out swinging” is a bit overused. New rule: the media can only use the “Romney Comes Out Swinging” headline if it turns out he’s belonged to Plato’s Retreat for decades.

Second. I watched the Romney/Obama 60 Minutes interviews yesterday, and thought that that was about as good as Romney gets.  Sincerity oozed from every pore. But I still think he doesn’t wear well, and he is prone to dumb gaffes. Like that whole 47% thing. And his concept for fresh air on jet planes.

More critical, I think, is that Romney is the con man who sticks around just long enough for the mark to say, “wait a minute…didn’t he say something else two weeks ago?” He’s not a guy who wears well, as evidenced by his favorability ratings from January of 2011 to now.

Up until the primaries started in earnest, he was break-even, with a large chunk of voters not having an opinion. And then…

Let’s just say that people didn’t exactly warm to him.

Romney unwittingly paid the Obama campaign a high compliment over the weekend, crediting it with making his road tougher.

Asked why he was behind in the polls in most swing states, Mr. Romney accused the Obama campaign of distorting his record.

“I think that the president’s campaign has focused its advertising in many cases on very inaccurate portrayals of my positions,” he said. “They’ve been very aggressive in their attacks both on a personal basis and on a policy basis.”

Well, it’s hard to imagine that a competitor would try and paint you in an unfavorable light. Poor Mitt: unwilling to engage in inaccurate portrayals of the President’s positions.

Oh, wait.

The news is not great for Romney: swing states are moving away from him, and his reservoir of favorability with the electorate is near empty.

And we haven’t seen the full impact of Boca Raton yet.

Here’s the good news for disheartened Republicans: someone is working away to expand the reality distortion field to polls. Because who doesn’t want to party like it’s 2010?



  1. Teachers (at least the college kind) are very familiar with the reality distortion field. It is always fun to have a student come back after a few weeks to say, “I think I ought to think about X [ which you mentioned a month ago]”. Oddly enough, I cut people slack on that, though I wish they would acknowledge that I made the suggestion. It’s how some people learn.

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