Posted by: mutantpoodle | October 19, 2012

The art of gentle humor…

…is lost, apparently, on Mitt Romney.

The Al Smith Dinner is an annual staple, but the quadrennial version, when both Presidential candidates show up and make fun of themselves, and (lightly) of their opponents, is usually a time you can laugh with the other guy, too.

Is it just me, or was Mitt Romney a bit too cutting for the event?

He went after “you didn’t build that,” the deficit, and whined about the press. There were only one or two moments when the deprecation was turned inward.

Obama, on the other hand, took a few mild shots at Romney (but framed them more gently), but spent more time ragging on himself. See for yourself here:

Now, this is a footnote to the presidential race, but there’s something disturbing to me about Romney’s inability to poke fun at himself. It comes, I think, from the same place that causes Romney to chafe at being challenged by a debate moderator, or, heaven forbid, the President of the United States

Compare, for example, John McCain’s speech from 2008.

So if you’re looking for an entirely ancillary reason to vote for Obama over Mitt Romney, imagine four years of White House Correspondents’ Dinners with Mitt Romney at the dais.


  1. Someone told me about the comments at this dinner. She said she had voted for Obama last time but hadn’t been sure about this year. Somewhat on the fence. After listening to the two, she was so put off by the tone of Romney’s remarks that she’s clear for Obama. Mutant mother

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